TePe EasyPick™

TePe EasyPick™ - easy and efficient interdental cleaning for everyone. Bring that fresh feeling with you, wherever you go.

What makes TePe EasyPick™ so unique?

The secret lies in the combination of materials. The core is both flexible and durable, and the silicone coating cleans efficiently between the teeth and feels comfortable on the gums. The comfortable, non-slip grip ensures a steady cleaning. 

  • Recommended as an on-the-go solution
  • Flexible and durable
  • Suitable for braces and implants
  • Works as a complement to other interdental cleaning devices

TePe EasyPick is latex-free.


Each pack contains 36 TePe EasyPicks as well as a convenient travel case.

The Display Box for the dental office contains 100 TePe EasyPick sample packs. Each sample pack contains 2 TePe EasyPicks.

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