Give your patients a coupon for a FREE 3-week supply of TePe interdental brushes to get them started with a healthy habit.

Contact us to find out how you can help increase patient compliance with the FREE TePe Healthy Smiles 21 program.

Healthy Smiles 21 Program for the dental professional

At TePe, we know that healthy habits equal healthy smiles. This is why we’ve put together this exciting new program to help dental professionals promote the best possible patient compliance. With Healthy Smiles 21, dental professionals are able to encourage patients who need to improve their home care and provide them with brushes for the first 21 days, long enough to establish their healthy habit. After this initial period, the patient can contact TePe and either sign up for the auto-ship plan, which will allow them to receive their TePe brushes every 3 months at a discounted rate, or get a discount on their first order. With TePe products, consumers get the benefit of high quality interdental brushes in a wider variety of sizes and designs than any other brand worldwide. Through this program, TePe hopes to kick start a lifelong healthy habit for periodontal, implant, orthodontic, and general dental patients.

One size does not fit all

With plastic-coated wires and a choice of filament texture, TePe interdental brushes are the ideal choice to fill embrasure spaces without harming the tissue or rubbing against sensitive root surfaces.

How to get your patients started with Healthy Smiles 21

  • Using the Practice Box with TePe Original or Angle Interdental Brushes, determine the appropriate brush for the patient’s embrasure spaces. Patients tend to have greater compliance rates when using no more than two sizes of interdental brushes.
  • Use the HS21 coupon to mark the appropriate size/color and then instruct the patient to contact us by going online to They can also order by phone or mail. Remind the patient that they will need the coupon for the promo code and to know what size brushes to order.
  • Once the patient contacts us, we will send them a free 3-week supply of the appropriately sized interdental brushes.
  • Included in the package to the patient are instructions on how to use the brushes. You can also refer patients to our website,, to view our educational “how-to” videos.
  • Before the 21-day program has been completed, the patient will receive a reminder to continue their new healthy habit.
  • They will have the option of receiving a 25% continuous discount + free shipping when they sign up for the auto-ship plan or a 10% discount on their first order.


No more excuses from patients about not finding the right brushes between visits! With auto-ship, your patient will automatically receive the brushes they need every 3 months with a 25% continuous discount as well as free shipping.

HS21 Benefits

  • Improved patient compliance
  • Free 3-week supply of brushes for your patients
  • Guarantee patients use of appropriately sized brushes
  • Auto-ship option gives patients a 25% continuous discount as well as free shipping
  • Starts a healthy habit towards reduced gingival inflammation